Relocation—frequently asked questions

Q. When will the APVMA move to Armidale?

The APVMA has already begun moving to Armidale. An interim office was officially opened at 246 Beardy Street, Armidale on 27 April 2017. A small team of locally recruited APVMA staff work at the Armidale premises, along with a handful of staff who moved from Canberra. The office also provides a base for staff from the Canberra office, including our transition team, to work out of when they travel to Armidale.

A second interim office at 109 Jessie Street, Armidale will be operational from August 2018 with accommodation for up to 32 workstations. This office will allow the APVMA to continue transitioning its workforce to Armidale and provide for the further recruitment of priority roles ahead of the permanent leased premises opening in mid-2019.

APVMA’s permanent home in Armidale is under construction by the Stirloch Group and is scheduled for completion in mid-2019. The permanent leased premises will accommodate our Armidale regulatory centre, housing up to 150 staff.

Q. Where will the APVMA’s permanent Armidale office be located?

The APVMA will lease a purpose-built office at 102 Taylor Street and 91 Beardy Street, Armidale, NSW. The office will house approximately 150 APVMA staff.?

Q. How many APVMA staff currently work in Armidale?

There is a small team working at the Armidale office, providing an opportunity to enhance our profile in Armidale. The APVMA interim office at 246 Beardy Street is expected to reach its capacity of 37 employees in August 2018.

The permanent Armidale office will house approximately 150 APVMA staff. The APVMA will move into the building in mid-2019, once construction and fit-out is complete.

We are continuing to expand our employee footprint, current vacancies at the APVMA can be viewed on our recruitment page.

Q. How is APVMA working with Industry?

We have established an APVMA Relocation Advisory Committee (ARAC).?Representatives from peak bodies are members. Through this Committee our stakeholders will be able to give the CEO advice on the relocation, business model and digital strategy. We are committed to continued collaboration with industry.

Q. When will the APVMA finalise its business model for Armidale?

The business model is inherently flexible and enables us to scale up or reduce our reliance on supporting elements such as e-working, shared services or the use of external assessors.

We have defined the elements of our future business operating model. An organisation structure indicates where functions and sub-functions will sit in the organisation when we are fully established in Armidale.?

Q. Why has the APVMA decided to retain an office in Canberra

Retaining staff expertise and regulatory science capability is a key risk for the authority as it manages the relocation.

A number of risk mitigations strategies were implemented and have not reduced the relocation risks to an acceptable level. More was required to support the authority to fulfil its statutory obligations under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code, which is why the APVMA will retain a unit of 30 to 40 specialist scientists and decision makers in Canberra.

Q. Has the APVMA engaged specialists to assist with the relocation?

Yes, as with any large-scale change it’s important to seek advice and assistance from subject matter experts. A number of specialists have been engaged to support planning and business transformation that will help us to manage the relocation appropriately.

Q. What is the Digital strategy and when will it be delivered?

We released our Digital strategy in May 2018.?

As part of the APVMA in Armidale relocation strategy we recognised the need for a new digital strategy to enable a successful relocation, and to progressively improve operational efficiency and long-term organisational viability.

A digital strategy will help us enhance the online delivery of our regulatory services and provide flexibility for how we operate in Armidale enabling parts of our workforce to work remotely, and to provide better client service.

The products and services delivered through the digital strategy will work to stabilise our existing ageing infrastructure and applications to ensure they are sustainable at the time of relocation and into the near-term. We are delivering the strategy through an enabling technology program that ?provides a scalable platform to support the new business model and enables subsequent transformation of core business applications using contemporary, cloud-based platforms and services.?

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